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Send him what he really wants - delicious cured meats!
Bacon, traditional salami, grilling sausage, and more

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Dry Sausage Sampler No matter how you spell it it's always the BEST Fortuna's Ultimate Salami makes the best gift for everyone
Now you can try each of our most popular, all natural dry cured sausage! Fortuna's CALABRIA gift box Fortuna's SICILY gift box
Charcuterie Sampler, All Natural, Nitrate Free
Our Price: $84.95
Sale Price: $79.95
You save $5.00!
Our Price: $82.95
Our Price: $119.95
Fortuna's VENICE gift box Fortuna's ROMA gift box Fortuna's TUSCANY gift box
Our Price: $95.00
ROMA Gift Box
Our Price: $89.95
Our Price: $119.95
Truffle from Volterra Italy gift box Fortuna's Ultimate Salami Assortment Italian Gold Deluxe
Truffle Gift Box, Volterra
Our Price: $125.00
Truffle Lovers
Our Price: $69.95
Italian Gold Deluxe
Our Price: $99.75
Sale Price: $89.95
You save $9.80!
Passport to Italy Gift Basket Charcuterie Party in a box Great for the Big Game
Passport to Italy
Our Price: $159.95
Picnic Basket- Gift of Italian treats
Our Price: $95.95
Sale Price: $90.95
You save $5.00!
Do you know someone who loves wine? Nitrate FREE Spanish Chorizo. Made in the USA. Home Sausage Making Kit
Red Wine Lovers
Our Price: $105.95
Chorizo Duo
Our Price: $22.95
Sale Price: $19.95
You save $3.00!
Home Sausage Making Kit
Our Price: $49.95
Vermont Maple Bacon Italian Sausage-5 Pack Salami & Sausage of the Month Club
Vermont Maple Bacon
Our Price: $69.95
Italian Sausage-5 Pack
Our Price: $149.95
Salami of the Month Club
Our Price: $179.95
Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing Fortuna's Game Day Party All Natural Soupy
Fortuna's Game Day Party
Our Price: $72.95
Sale Price: $69.95
You save $3.00!
Gift Certificate Breakfast Sausage & Bacon Bundle Local Vermont Author, Jeff Roberts
Breakfast Sausage & Bacon Bundle
Our Price: $79.00
Sale Price: $72.50
You save $6.50!
Salted & Cured
Our Price: $27.00
Sale Price: $17.95
You save $9.05!