Fortuna's Sausage & Italian Market Recipes

Sausage & Caciovallo Frittata

Serves 6

In a heavy duty non-stick pan (or ideally a Frittata pan) heat the olive oil and brown the Italian sausage, breaking up small
pieces as cooking. Meanwhile, beat fresh eggs with milk very well - I like to use my immersion blender. Once sausage is
cooked, spread evenly on the bottom of the pan and gently pour the egg mixture slowly so as not to move the sausage so
all bites will have sausage. Once egg mix is added take a thin spatula and scrape down the sides of pan tilting pan a bit so
most egg liquid gets cooked, then lower the temperature of the stove to low, add grated Caciocavallo cheese. Once again,
take the spatula and spread the cheese into the egg mixture to prevent sticking when flipped, and cover and cook about
5 minutes - it should fluff up nicely. If you have a Fritatta pan (two pans that intertwine so you can flip easily) it is time to flip it
over and cook for another couple of minutes, and then turn off heat to let sit for 5 minutes to settle. Let stand a few minutes to
set and serve with Italian toast.

If you do not have a Frittata pan place a dinner dish over the frittata and carefully flip on to the dish then slide back into the pan to the other side is cooked.

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